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Marvara Mulching Process

Why Marvara?

Turnkey Land Restoration

We handle your land restoration, from start to finish. Many jobs can be completed with one step mulching, but we can also clear and chip large trees as needed.

Instant Land Use

When the typical mulching process is finished, the land is ready to use. There’s no long wait; in fact, you can usually seed the same day.

80% Faster Process

The Marvara Process reduces the equipment and man hours required per acre of cleanup—by up to 80%

Minimal Debris & Cleanup

Conventional land clearing leaves windrows of brush, stumps and debris. Marvara’s mulchers reintegrated wood chips back into the top soil layers, without leaving large debris.

No Burning

The Marvara Process eliminates burn permits, fire control issues, smoke pollution (and the risk of annoyed neighbours), as well as the impacts of ash residue on the soil.

Environmentally aware

We think in terms of land reclamation and stewardship. Our goal is to always achieve these objectives with full respect for surrounding environments.

Conventional Clearing

Brush Burning & Fire Risks

Excessive Excavator & Dozer Work

Brush Removal & Brush Trucking

Long-term in-field Brush Windrows


Marvara Process

Marvara 1-step Mulching

ConventionalCase Study

Using conventional methods to clear a 50-acre field is typically reliant on excavators. The excavating equipment clears a 30’ swath, and piles debris on a long windrow. The landowner pays for clearing the entire area, but the land under the remaining debris is unusable. After adequate drying, the windrow is burned and the equipment returns to truck remaining brush and ash away, incurring phase two costs.


MarvaraCase Study

The Marvara process takes a similar, neighboring 50-acre field and, clearing and harvesting or chipping large trees as needed, fully restores the land through the mulching process. While initial costs are higher, the elimination of phase two work, the possibility of recouping costs through mulch sales, and the ability to fully use and fully drain the land as soon as it is reclaimed gives the second landowner the clear advantage.

What this means for you

In short, the Marvara process means that you can accomplish land reclamation faster, better and more thoroughly than ever before. In most cases, this is most cost-effective as well.

In most cases, one-step land reclamation through mulching speaks for itself. When additional clearing and chipping services are required, you benefit through the sales of wood chip byproducts.

If these benefits matter, contact Marvara for your land restoration solution!

Consider It Done!